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Guide to Publishing Ethics

  1.Author¨s Publishing Ethics
  1) Manuscript cannot be contributed to multiple journals at the same time, and the published manuscript cannot be published repeatedly.
  2) To ensure that the manuscript is original works, no plagiarism, plagiarism, data forgery and other academic misconduct, the manuscript content shall not contain confidential information.
  3) The content shall be scientific, accurate, andthe author shall take sole responsibility for his views.
  4) All the authored authors shall be in accordance with the requirements of the journal on the author¨s qualifications and not allowed to increase or decrease the authorarbitrarily.
  5) The research results of others shall be objectively evaluated and indexed correctly in manuscript.
  6) The funding information associated with the study shall be indicated in the manuscript and other funding information irrelevant to the study shall not be written.
  7) To respect the opinions of the reviewing experts, if there is any objection, a complaint can be submitted to the editorial office.
  2.Publishing Ethics of Reviewers
  1) Review manuscript timely and give concrete review comments. If review can not be completed on time for any reason, the editorial office should be informed in time.
  2) The evaluation of manuscript shall be scientific and accurate, and shall not be disrespectful and demeaning, there shall not be personal attacks.
  3) Respect the author¨s achievements, keep the contents of the manuscript confidential and shall not use the author¨s achievements.
  4) In case of competition, cooperation or other conflicts of interest relevant to the author or organization, the manuscript shall be actively evaded.
  3.Editor¨s Publishing Ethics
  1) The editorshall promptly register, submit to review, edit, publish and so on, and ensure that every article be treated fairly.
  2) Pay attention to the publication norm in the process of editing and publishing.
  3) Respect the author¨s result of research, keep the contents of the manuscript confidential and shall not use the author¨ s achievementsirregularly.
  4) Respect the opinions of the reviewing experts, if there¨s any dispute, allow the author to lodge a complaint.
  5) Academic debates are encouraged, and contention and flourishing of numerous schools of thought are allowed.
  6) Adopt "a double - blind review system", and the information of the author and reviewing experts shall be kept confidential.
  7) In case of competition, cooperation, or conflict with relevant interest of other author, organization, etc., the manuscript shall be actively evaded.