WANG Xin,WANG Yousheng.Facial expression recognition based on deep learning and traditional machine learning[J].Applied science and technology,2018,45(01):65-72.[doi:10.11991/yykj.201707008]





Facial expression recognition based on deep learning and traditional machine learning
王信 汪友生
北京工业大学 信息学部, 北京 100124
WANG Xin WANG Yousheng
School of Information Science, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China
facial expression recognitiondeep learningCNNmachine learningcomputer visionimage pre-processingfeature extractionfeature classification
The existing facial expression recognition technology is limited to the traditional machine learning algorithms basically. The traditional machine learning algorithms have a low robustness in the case of light intensity, obstruction and posture change, which causes some difficulties in the practical application. With the development of the computer hardware conditions such as GPU and the development of the big data, deep learning became the focus in the field of computer vision. This paper introduces the traditional machine learning algorithm, its merits and shortcomings from such aspects as image preprocessing, feature extraction and feature classification; describes the deep learning algorithm from such aspects as the mainstream algorithms including DBN and CNN, development direction and common development framework; finally, summarizes and forecasts the development and trends of traditional machine learning and deep learning in facial expression recognition as well as the follow-up research direction.


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